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Persona 5 Emulation Almost Playable On PC, Albeit With Significant Slowdown

Persona 5 is like the Holy Grail of the western RPG scene at the moment, but a Persona 5 emulation that’s been in development may be close to accelerating things.

The emulation experiences significant slowdown, but the fact that it’s almost playable is still a notable achievement. This is especially true for Persona fans.

Persona 5 has been a game that has always been just out of reach for the West. Various excuses for Atlus delaying it, whether it’s because the game simply isn’t ready or because they’ve decided to implement dual audio, have resulted in it being delayed just before it comes out.

Now, however, it seems that someone has gotten tired of waiting and has come up with a solution. The Persona 5 emulation in question is a PC exclusive, which is notable because Persona 5 is a Playstation-exclusive game.

From what we can see of a video preview of the Persona 5 emulation, the slowdown isn’t the only problem with the game, which also suffers from a noticeably low framerate. While it may not matter if you’re dedicated enough and excited enough, the emulation still isn’t really “playable” with these issues.

The new release date for Persona 5 is supposed to be on April 4, meaning tomorrow.

This has come after a large number of delays (the game was supposed to come out in 2013 but was constantly pushed back until this year) that have kept it from coming out in the West even though it came out in Japan back in September of 2016.

So, even though it’s supposed to come out tomorrow, you can maybe pick up the Persona 5 emulation when it becomes playable. If you don’t own a Playstation 4 but want to play the game, the emulation may be right for you (even though, as expensive as it would be, you could support the devs by getting a legitimate copy of the game.)