NieR Automata: Character Modeler Showcases How 2B Came To Be

NieR Automata protagonist, 2B, has become gaming’s one of the most iconic characters and game’s character modeler has shared his process of the creating 2B for NieR Automata.

NieR: Automata character modeler Hito Matsudaira shared the tricks and process of creating 2B in a PlayStation Blog feature, in which he explained his thoughts while creating 2B and also revealed some images.

According to Matsudaira, he began with creating a rough model which was based on a rough design that he received from character designer Akihiko Yoshida.

He added that Yoshida’s vision of 2B was clear to him through the images he hid in the images above. He said that these images gave him a clear idea without even taking to Yoshida and added that these images were not weird but are something that he can’t show.

The image you see below is the rough model he created and was the first job he completed since joining the NieR Automata development team. According to Matsudaira, it took him about one to two weeks to create this rough model.

According to Matsudaira, he then showed this rough model of 2B to game director Yoko Taro, who liked the model and appreciated his efforts.

You might have noticed by now that the rough model os 2B is quite polished for a rough model. According to Matsudaira, in his line of work, he has to tax his brain quite a bit for a rough model.

He added that he had to account for body proportions and modeling, designing the shader, and even the cost associated with mass production, all of this while creating this rough model of 2B.

Once the rough model is given an OK from the boss he started to add details on the high-quality model of 2B. He created the model digitally and got absorbed during the process, refining the character model bit by bit.

Once the detailing phase was complete, he implemented the 2B’s model as a game model, which is short involves pasting the images onto polygons.

He added that the Polygon count for a PS2 was a few thousand but for the PS4 it is approximately 100,000 and it requires almost eight types of images to add detail for a PS4 game.

In the image below he showcased the addition of image data to raw polygons.

He added that there is also a dark side of 3D modeling which involves how the model would look when it gets wet and reducing the data size so that the game could run at 60 FPS.

NieR Automata is an action RPG developed by Platinum Games for PC and PlayStation 4.