Mass Effect Andromeda Run Beaten Without Guns On Hardest Difficulty

A YouTuber by the name of BOYvsVIDEOGAME has completed a Mass Effect Andromeda run in a very challenging way. Not only did he beat the game on the hardest difficulty, Insane, he also beat it without using any revives, and without using any guns at all on his character.

With Mass Effect being an RPG-shooter hybrid, one would think that guns are an integral part of the game that’s vital to success. However, BVV proved people wrong with the way he beat the game, making use of talents and abilities rather than guns.

In BVV’s case, he became a Biotic Vanguard, allowing him to not only use biotic abilities, but his fists, as well.

However, without the use of guns, this means that BVV was forced to rely on his squadmates for cover, dipping from cover to cover until he could get close enough to smack someone down.

While the Biotic Vanguard does have some distance abilities like all biotic classes (including ones like Push, Pull, Lift, Throw, Warp, and more), one of its real strengths is in the Biotic Charge ability. The ability allows a Vanguard to cross long distances in an instant, and deal a huge burst of damage to the enemy it hits.

Along with those abilities, players in Mass Effect also have access to things like swords, krogan warhammers, or their omni-blades, a powerful melee hit that was introduced in Mass Effect 3.

With all of these tools, plus the well-placed talents of his squadmates, BVV was able to make it all the way through the game without firing a single bullet. With this as a precedent, there’s no telling what other Mass Effect fans might try on their next Mass Effect Andromeda run.

To see BOYvsVIDEOGAME’s Mass Effect Andromeda run for yourself, you can head for his YouTube channel.