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Next League of Legends Champions Revealed as Chimeras

The silhouette from yesterday’s teaser has been given light to reveal not one but two upcoming League of Legends champions.

Confirming earlier rumors about the Phoenix and the Harpy, this will be the first time that Riot Games releases multiple champions simultaneously. However, do not consider them as different additions to the roster. The duo is meant to be paired with each other in a single team for added benefits.

According to an updated lore entry, the two new League of Legends champions are creatures known as Vastaya. They are chimeras, divided between animal and human traits. Some way look more human than others, and there really is no balance to what trait each Vastaya shifts most towards. Ahri from the exiting roster belongs to this race. Though, she features more fox-like traits in comparison to the new champions who, with their wings, are more or less birds.

Without any details, we have nothing but rumors to understand how they will function on the Rift. It is said that the pair is essentially an AD Carry and Support, with players having the option of deciding between the two during selection. While a team will not be forced into including both champions in their compositions, having the duo play out the bottom lane will mean unique rewards.

Riot Games should unveil more details during this week. In the mean time, the community is busy not only speculating on the upcoming League of Legends champions but also previous rumors. Since the duo has been confirmed, it only means that the leak from last week was legitimate. Besides the champions, it also included tidbits about the upcoming rework of Urgot, who is apparently being fitted with shotguns in his knees, a rocket launcher in his hand, and a meat grinder in the place of his stomach that chews up opponents by pulling them in.

In addition, it was also stated that Veigar, Fizz, and Twitch will be joining Teemo in the Omega Squad while Master Yi is up for a Cosmic Reaver skin.