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Spider-Man PS4 Does Not Have a Confirmed Release Timeframe, Says Insomniac

Following the rumor that Spider-Man is coming out in 2017, Insomniac was quick to respond that it was just a misinformation and the release date for Spiderman has not been confirmed.

This rumor spread when, Marvel vice president and executive editor of digital media Ryan Penagos, mentioned that Spider-Man would ship in 2017. This was news for us because a release date had never been mentioned before.

However, Insomniac took to twitter quickly and responded that “no release timeframe has been confirmed”.

The release date was squashed as quickly as it leaked, but it should be kept in mind that Insomniac did not say that Spider-Man will not be coming out in 2017.

They only stated that no release frame has been confirmed.

There is a possibility that Penagos wanted to say Spider-Man won’t ship this year, may be he just miswrote the statement. The news spread so fast that he did not get a chance to fix it and then Insomniac had to step in and clear the fog.

This takes us back to square one again, we do not know when the new Spider-man will come out. Rumors usually make things easy but this time they did the opposite as they made things more complicated.

May be it is due to the reason that we are quick to believe these rumors. We can not help ourselves when we hear a rumor we think it might be true.

Many never entertain the possibility that this rumor might just not have any truth to it, this might be as the name suggests just a rumor.

Well, for now, we can not do anything else but wait and see, if some new rumors come flying by.