New Event and Overwatch Tracer Skin Teased for Next Week

Blizzard is teasing an announcement for next week in relation to the King’s Row Uprising, which might also include a new Overwatch Tracer skin for everyone.

A brief video states that declassification of certain mission files have already been initiated and will be completed on April 12. It further highlights that “File 00382 – King’s Row Uprising” was entered into the Overwatch records seven years ago. No one knows that the file contains as it has been marked confidential and requires a high-level security clearance.

In addition, another file mentions a “mandatory robot registration” alongside a carefully hidden image in the background that when zoomed in, looks to be a new Overwatch Tracer skin. Considering the subject matter, she might even be revealed as a robot.

As for the King’s Row Uprising, Blizzard appears to be gearing up for a special event on the Hybrid map. The video teases an underground tunnel on the map, as well as an obscured mention of an “omnic future.”

King’s Row was recently given a slight visual upgrade on the Public Test Region (PTR). This just adds to the speculation that the developer will announce a new event to take place on the map next week. Besides that, we might receive more expansions to the lore and perhaps even other cosmetic upgrades besides the teased Overwatch Tracer skin.

Lastly, the teaser also contains a QR code that so far is unreadable. Whether the code hides any other hints or not remains to be seen.

Recently, Blizzard confirmed that it will not be hosting any special events to celebrate Easter this year. The news follows the decision to not host anything special for Valentine’s Day as well. However, the developer as continously promised that it plans on release a ton of lore and special content this year for Overwatch. Perhaps that finally comes to light next week when the latest teaser is given meaning.