Design Your Own Xbox One Controllers Will Stay Exclusive To US And Canada, At Least For Now

Microsoft launched Xbox Design Lab store back in 2016 that allowed users to create their custom Xbox One Controllers with 8 million potential combinations.

However, design your own custom Xbox One controllers service is only available in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada and Microsoft has no plans to bring this service to other markets, at least not yet.

Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg was asked by a fan on Twitter if the design your own custom Xbox One controllers service would be coming to the UK, to this, he said that Microsoft is monitoring the feedback but they have to plans to bring it to other markets.

Not at this time unfortunately. [The] team has heard the feedback from fans who want in more markets.

However, back in 2016, Microsoft said that Xbox Design Lab store would launch in other regions in 2017, but we are still waiting for its practical implication.