Danganronpa Another Episode Gets New Trailer

Spike Chunsoft launched a new trailer for Danganronpa Another Episode Ultra Despair Girls, this episode will me coming to PS4 on June 23 in Europe, June 27 in North America, and June 29 in Japan. The PC release date is 27 June in the West and 28 in Japan.

The trailer shows some cinematic story scenes from the game’s campaign. The game is ported from PlayStation Vita version with some upscaling, so it can not be considered a Remastered version.

This release is perfect for someone who has not players the Vita version, and for players who are not familiar with this game allow me to explain.

Danganronpa Another Episode is a third person adventure with horror elements, this game is a spin-off of the Danganronpa visual novels. In this game Players control Komaru Naegi as she tries to survive in a city overrun by Monokuma robot, Monokuma is a big teddy bear robot, so essentially for the first time, you are shooting big scary teddy bears.

Danganronpa Another Episode

Komaru is also assisted by Toko Fukawa from the first game that has a split personality, her other personality is a serial killer called Genocide Jack, having such a mentally unstable character assisting them, players are sure to be on their toes.

Players can also take over Genocide Jack temporarily, who can attack with razor sharp scissors. Players receive mono coins for defeating enemies and these coins can be used to purchase upgrades.

Danganronpa Another Episode

The Danganronpa team was worried that such sudden shift from the visual novels genre would alienate players, so they decided to allow players to take control of jack that makes the game significantly easier.

Overall, Danganronpa Another Episode sounds promising as it is more action oriented than the previous Danganrompa series, and the idea of making a horror game by adding teddy bears sound even more astonishing.