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Check Out LEGO Hideo Kojima!

LEGO Hideo Kojima? Yes Please!

Hideo Kojima, the man behind Death Stranding, loves movies and uses them to inspire his games. Moreover, he is a huge fan of LEGO films as well. He commented on a recent post of The LEGO which resulted in WB turning Hideo Kojima into LEGO Hideo.

Hideo Kojima looks fantastic as a LEGO and one has to wonder about the possibilities here. A LEGO Death Stranding film featuring Del Toro as well as LEOG Hideo Kojima and LEGO Norman Reedus.

We wouldn’t mind a Metal Gear Solid LEGO film but we doubt Konami would ever agree to this. The company is still stuck in its old ways and refuses to change.

The good news is that Hideo Kojima is free now and can do whatever his heart desires. He is in touch with many Hollywood personalities so there is always hope for Kojima working in Hollywood in some capacity.

Would you like to see LEGO Hideo Kojima appear in a LEGO movie? Share what you think in the comments below.