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Batman Performs All Characters Victory Animations In Injustice Gods Among Us

A new video is out on the internet that shows Batman pulling off some weird poses from the original Injustice Gods Among Us, These animations are made for other characters but someone managed Batman to perform all of them.

Some of these poses are good like when Batman says “Kneel Before Me” to Superman, other animations that look good on Batman include Deathstroke’s knife flipping and Aquaman’s water splash.

We even see Batman spinning around at Flash’s lightning speed with a grin on his face, it would have been good if the grin did not look creepy on him.

Let us talk about some of the less good poses. Since it is just Batman model placed on all of the characters some animations show imbalance as his eyes popping out, his face inflates and even becomes disfigured, but that is not the worst of it.

There is are even worst poses that, we would never have wished to see Dark Knight in. I am talking about Batman performing the female animation. *why oh why*

I thought the Harley Quinn animation was by far the worst, where he sticks his hands up in the air and shakes his hips like Harley would. It’s pretty hilarious, but a total nightmare for all Batman fans, including me. I never want to see the Dark Knight shake like that again.

Apart from this Wonderwoman, Killer Frost and Catwoman’s poses also looked creepy on the Capped Crusader, Male animations were at least acceptable to some degree, but the female animations were straight up bizarre.

Out of the good and bad animations in Injustice Gods Among Us, there is another one, that converts Batman in a Mech suit worn by Lex Luthor. I can not decide if that one was too damn good or just too damn terrifying, I thought for a second that Lex Luthor was Batman. *Shocking*

Wrapping it all together, it was good to see such mechanics exist that could change the roles of the characters in Injustice Gods Among Us. Maybe next time we might see a hero performing other character’s finishing moves.