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Pokemon GO Players Caught Over 500 Million Magikarp During The Water Festival

Players caught over half billion Magikarp during the Pokemon GO Water festival event, this event increased the chances of encountering water type Pokemon.

These numbers were confirmed by a tweet from Pokemon GO Official account, that the players have caught 589 million Magikarp during the event earlier this week.

The main reason for these figures was that the Water Festival introduced shiny Magikarp in the event, and its evolved form Gyarados will also be shiny version.

So far Magikarp is the only Pokemon in the game to have shiny variation, so no wonder players went crazy.

There actually might be another factor for such high numbers, relatively because Magikarp is very easy to catch, looks like the game and the anime have another thing in common.

Even in the anime Magikarp’s evolution Gyarados has a unique variation called Red Gyarados, so having that in the Pokemon GO event was quite nice. It takes you one step closer to the anime experience.

This renewed fan’s interest and admiration in the Magikarp character, got the players also a chance to bag themselves a Magikarp hat for their avatars.

Niantic was glad to see that their recent event was received so well, while some players were happy to catch this shiny Magikarp, others were frustrated for not being able to catch Shiny Magikarp even after encountering hundreds of regular Magikarp.

Thousands of players logged in to the app to catch this shiny Magikarp, Even new players joined Pokemon GO just to catch this rare Pokemon. This, as a result, increased Niantic’s profit from the game.

Hopefully, after this successful event, Niantic will launch much more similar events and even some legendary Pokemon might even appear in such events. That would provide players once in a lifetime opportunity to catch legendary Pokemon, that would be so epic.