Phil Spencer Shares New Phantom Dust Screenshot Showing Xbox One Remaster

We know Phantom Dust, the re-release version, is coming out before E3 2017 and now we finally have our first Phantom Dust screenshot thanks to Phil Spencer.

Xbox boss, Phil Spencer recently shared a screenshot from Phantom Dust, running on Xbox One. The image also showed an interesting new piece of technical information, the game seems to be limited at 30FPS.

Phil mentioned in a later tweet that the Phantom Dust screenshot from the Xbox One version of the game and not Project Scorpio so it possible that the improved 4K capable console would be able to either increase the frame rate or provide better visuals.

It should be noted that this Phantom Dust screenshot is from the remaster project and not the reboot, which was cancelled.

However, providing better visuals besides the resolution bump seems unlikely as last year at E3 2016, with the announcement of the game Microsoft Studios GM Shannon Loftis mentioned that the game uses assets from the 2004 original release instead of creating everything from scratch.

While we know that the game will be releasing before E3 2017, there is still no word on an official release date.

Back in late February, the developers working on the Phantom Dust re-release mentioned the game size which would be a little under 4GB.

Considering it’s a simple remaster with some added features of an original Xbox game, the size makes sense.

However, last month, the development team issued an update saying that the game size has now been doubled to around 8GB due to high quality cinematics.

Adam Isgreen tweeted out saying that the team had discovered uncompressed versions of all the cinematics for the original release which will now be included in the new release.

The Phantom Dust re-release is an Xbox Play Anywhere title so both Xbox One and Windows 10 users will be able to enjoy the game with all the features which include cloud-save, cross-device play and Xbox Live support.