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New League of Legends Champion Teased, Could Be the Rumored Phoenix

Over five months after Camille was added to the roster, Riot Games has finally begun teasing another new League of Legends champion.

Last night, the official social media accounts of the popular free-to-play game gave us a silhouette of what fairly resembles Kayle. The yellow theme, large extended wings, and a shield seemingly created out of holy light certainly points towards the Judicator. However, Kayle is not up for any rework or related visual makeover. Hence, the teaser is undoubtedly for a new League of Legends champion.

What is interesting is that the information at hand matches a leak that was shared on Reddit over a week ago by an unknown user. Labelled as false because of a lack of provenience, the new teaser image would suggest otherwise.

According to the leak, the next League of Legends champion will be a duo called “the Harpy and the Phoenix.” At first, you would think that we’re getting another Quinn and Valor-like release. Here is where the leak gets interesting. The duo will actually be two different champions that can be played solo. However, when picked by two players in the same team, the Harpy and the Phoenix will complement each other with unique abilities and buffs.

If it turns out later this week that the leak was legitimate, then it means that other information shared at the time is also true. This includes tidbits about the upcoming rework of Urgot, who is apparently being fitted with shotguns in his knees, a rocket launcher in his hand, and a meat grinder in the place of his stomach that chews up opponents by pulling them in.

In addition, it was also stated that Veigar, Fizz, and Twitch will be joining Teemo in the Omega Squad while Master Yi is up for a Cosmic Reaver skin.