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Destiny Trials of Osiris has a New Glitch Ruining The PvP Matches

Destiny Trials of Osiris is experiencing a new glitch in PvP that is caused when the player performs self-resurrection. This glitch freezes the timer if the player self-resurrects as the last member of his team is killed.

This glitch can occur unintentionally because of its obvious timing. Since most players use a self-resurrect spell in the exact instance that this glitch is caused.

Many players in Destiny Trials of Osiris have already noticed it, some teams are even using it as a tactic to force their opponent to quit, thereby granting them victory. There are some ways to restart the timer, like having a player perform self-resurrection again but this is futile since the match is locked from there on.

Bungie is aware of the issue and is working to fix it, given that the glitch is ruining Destiny Trails of Osiris for players. So we can expect a fix to go live very soon.

It is unclear what has caused the glitch to occur, but many speculate that it is the byproduct of Bungie’s fix for the previous self-resurrect exploit.

Before the release of Age of Triumph and its balance patch, players could only resurrect at a specific time during the end of the match. Bungie fixed these problems but in doing so created a new issue, irony right.

This glitch affects Bungie’s most popular PvP event, so Bungie will be quick to address it. So for the time being mischevious players can enjoy this glitch.

For other more moral players, you should stick with Age of Triumph for the time being and complete its record book, or earn new elemental weapons by completing Crota’s End challenges.

Bungie will soon fix this problem and then you can continue to enjoy your favorite Destiny Trials of Osiris without any unfair advantages cause by such glitches.