Want To Listen To The Destiny 2 Theme Song? We Have You Covered

Now that Bungie has officially announced Destiny 2 with a trailer earlier today, they’ve dropped the Destiny 2 theme song, as well.

The song is the one that will play at the main menus, and also, apparently on a special Playstation 4 theme that gamers will get with their pre-order when they buy the game.

While there’s no indication that the song is the actual Destiny 2 theme song, it has a lot of other bits from previous Destiny music as well, and sounds ethereal and slow enough to be the main menu theme.

The theme song, in this instance, actually comes with the special Playstation 4 theme, which is where this news came from. The theme itself shows a trio of Guardians charging into battle, ready to fight the Cabal army that has attacked and occupied the Last City in a surprise assault.

The theme seems to fit that situation admirably as well. Going through the normal ethereal sounds of the Destiny theme tune to a more intense and determined-sounding song, it really gives you the sense that you’re playing the game and ready to rush into battle.

Even if it has what might be the Destiny 2 theme song on it, the Playstation 4 theme that you can hear the song on is only the least of what the game has to offer for pre-orders.

Other things like legendary emblems, emotes, a new sword, and more content both physical and in-game might also entice players to want to pre-order the game.

Bungie will be giving out more information on Destiny 2 for the next few months until the game releases on September 8. We’ll be able to see gameplay on May 18, and during the summer we’ll be able to play the game’s beta before it releases and we’ll be able to see what all Bungie has done to improve the game.

If you want to listen to the Destiny 2 theme song, just enjoy it in the link given up.