Rock band Developers Harmonix Cut 17 Jobs In The Middle Of Restructuring

Harmonix the developers of Rock Band had to go for another round of layoffs. A spokesperson from the Boston studio told that 17 jobs were cut off in the name of restructuring the company.

Today we made the difficult decision to say goodbye to 17 talented people as we restructured to align with our current and anticipated development needs” reads a line from the statement. “These people all played a role in making Harmonix and its games what they are today and we are more than grateful for their contributions. We are working to ensure that they are taken care of as we make this change.

Harmonix has a number of projects in various development stages, so these cut-offs can be due to the reason that the company is running short of funding, and is forced to layoff jobs in order to save some finances.

Harmonix has recently released Rock Band VR and Sing Space, it continues to support Rock Band Rivals and is developing a music mixing game in collaboration with Hasbro.

This is the fourth time Harmonix has cut its staff in the past five years, but this is not the largest cut-offs the company has made. In 2014 the company laid off 37 developers in the name of restructuring, the company CEO and co-founder, Alex Rigopulos also stepped down.

This strengthens the fact that the company is facing financial issues, where other studios are expanding their staff Harmonix is cutting off jobs. This might be a wake-up call for the studio to try different projects to keep on par with modern demands.

Rock Band and Dance central were good games, they were unique and much fun to play with friends but those ideas have lost their impact in the modern age, if the studio wishes to keep making these projects then they should at least introduce some new element to catch attention of the players.