New Ken Levine Game Inspired By Shadow of Mordor Nemesis System

A new Ken Levine game that is apparently in the works has reportedly been inspired by the Nemesis System from Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Levine is so far still being secretive about the game, but put out this small bit of information at the EGX Rezzed event in London.

The Nemesis System was seen as Shadow of Mordor’s defining feature, and allowed the player to pit orc chieftains in Sauron’s army against one another by taking over their minds and sending them to cause chaos.

The end goal of this would be to build your own army of orcs by subverting the warchiefs, the largest and strongest orcs.

The Nemesis System won a great deal of praise when Shadow of Mordor came out, and is being expanded upon in Shadow of Mordor’s sequel game Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

The world hasn’t had a new Ken Levine game since 2013’s Bioshock Infinite, which won critical acclaim. However, the game was the last from Irrational Games, which shut down back in 2014 and rebranded itself.

Now, many eyes are on Levine to see just what he’s working on. For now he’s been mum on the exact details, but he has said that his game’s version of the Nemesis System, called “Radical Recognition”, will be even more advanced.

The new Ken Levine game will be using the Radical Recognition system to have the game react constantly to the actions that the player takes throughout the story.

These reactions will shape the game’s narrative, giving NPCs emotions that they will then act upon.

As his game has been in development for nearly three years now, hopefully Levine will eventually reveal more about it, maybe even sometime at this year’s E3 if we’re lucky. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait for him to give out more information.