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New CD Projekt RED Game Being Worked On Alongside Cyberpunk 2077

A new CD Projekt RED game might be coming out some time after Cyberpunk 2077, according to a statement made by the studio at its annual financial meeting.

At the meeting, CD Projekt RED, the developers of the Witcher series, gave a bit more information about its various franchises.

To start off with, the company spoke about Cyberpunk 2077, its upcoming RPG game that has been on the backburner for several years in favor of The Witcher. With Wild Hunt now all wrapped up, the studio has been able to focus entirely on Cyberpunk.

According to them, development for the game is now very advanced, meaning the game is a good way along to being done.

The studio’s biggest team of nearly 300 people is working on it, and as it’s a very ambitious project they want to devote a large amount of attention and effort to the game.

The game’s state of development is actually painful for the studio, because they still can’t reveal anything about it.

However, a new CD Projekt RED game is also in the works, even with Cyberpunk 2077 and the Gwent card game being worked on.

While the latter two collectively have around 400 people working on them, CD Projekt RED is still working on another game that will apparently increase the studio’s size even further, meaning that it’ll likely be a big project.

For the moment the studio can’t really give out any details on the new CD Projekt RED game, but what we do know is that they are looking around for Concept Artists for the game. It’s difficult to find top talent in that field, so the studio is focusing on it first.

As for the possibility of a fourth Witcher game, CD Projekt RED has said they would think about it. Though Geralt of Rivia’s story is finished, the studio has come to love the setting, so we may be seeing something else related to it.