Mass Effect Andromeda 100% Completion is Hampered by a Simple Bug

Another major issue the “shield bug” has been spotted in Mass Effect Andromeda, that prevents players from 100% completion.

This bug is a nightmare for players who focus on achievements, as they will not be able to get the 100% completion achievement.

This bug came to producer Michael Gamble’s attention when several players shared a screenshot showing 99% completion. They explained that their further progression was halted by a bug.

Gamble then reached out for more information about this bug, to which the players responded.

Apparently, the bug prevents “Nomad Shield Crafting” task from being complete. Players stated that even though they have the materials for the crafting of the shield, the game does not allow them to craft it.

We are not surprised to hear about another bug since Mass Effect Andromeda has become quite renowned for being a buggy game, but this bug has caught their attention so we expect them to release a fix for it sometime soon.

It has so many bugs that “Mass Effect Andromeda bugs” might be the most widely searched topic about the game. *wink wink*

BioWare launches an update every week to fix this numerous bug, but even if the game has lots of issues, it is good to see them dedicating their time to fix all of them.

It is a good thing that Bioware is taking responsibility to improve Mass Effect Andromeda.

Anyone can make mistakes even a huge company like BioWare. Accepting the responsibility of their product is the least a company can do, although it would have been better not to make such mistakes in the first place.

So let us hope they keep fixing these bugs and soon we might have a totally bug free Mass Effect Andromeda.

How many bugs has BioWare fixed and how many still remain? Give us your opinion.