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Another League of Legends Ryze Rework Peeks Over the Horizon

Still unsure of what direction to take with the blue-skinned mage, Riot Games is contemplating on yet another significant League of Legends Ryze rework.

The mana-dependent champion only received his latest rework last summer. Before that, he has gone through a long list of changes and adjustments. This includes previous reworks as well. As such, Ryze is one of the oldest and most changed champions in the history of League of Legends, and Riot Games is still not too happy with his current status.

Responding to a question on the official forums regarding Ryze, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler admitted that the development team is uncertain over what direction to take in perfecting the champion’s position in the roster.

“Not sure on Ryze direction frankly, need to put some extended thought into that when time permits,” he stated. “I think there’s a lot more to it than just the ult though (highly reliable and responsive hard CC, significantly better improved performance at low latency than most champs, lack of ult CD dependence for optimal damage pattern etc).”

The core issue that Riot Games is facing is that Ryze revolves around a unique gameplay aspect. His power-scaling off mana and cooldown reduction makes it incredibly hard to balance him. It is for this reason that the champion was reworked multiple times in the past to somehow find middle ground.

However, as we have come to see over time, Ryze either becomes too powerful for comfort on the Rift or too weak for professional play. Adjusting his numbers for viability has proven difficult. Since he already received a major rework last year, it is unlikely that Riot Games will throw that in the bin with another League of Legends Ryze rework. Based on new statements, it does mean that the developer will probably be changing his spells in the slightest.

That being said, there are no immediate plans to his changes, but he is definitely on the rework radar once again.