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DICE Considers Possible Improvements for Battlefield 1 Platoons

It was only yesterday when DICE introduced Battlefield 1 Platoons to the Community Test Environment (CTE), asking for feedback for further improvements.

Following a healthy response, the developer has already begun penning down various changes and improvements that it could bring for the feature in the near future. Here is a list of topics that it is currently discussing at lengths with the player-base on Reddit.

More Members
For now, a single platoon can only hold up to 100 members while a single player can only join up to 10 platoons. According to DICE, the system can support more members but has been limited to curb complexities. In the future, this might be changed.

More Ranks
Each platoon features four different ranks: General, Colonel, Lieutenant, and Private. There is a small chance that a couple of more ranks could be thrown in if necessary.

Search Filter
The developer has noted that players are interested in a better way of searching for Battlefield 1 Platoons by their unique Tags.

Verified Platoons
The most popular clans, YouTube and community celebrities may have an official marker to verify their platoons. Since there will be no exclusivity measures for the feature, a name and tag could be taken by multiple others. Hence, verification here would be beneficial.

Custom Emblems
The current editor has several limitations when it comes to designing a true custom emblem. DICE is interested in rolling out more customization features, but for only certain platoons. This may eventually be rolled out for only verified, official groups.

The “Com Center”
A new panel could be added to the main screen to include platoon-activity in real time.

Viewing Profiles
The highest ranked members of platoons may be able to review profiles of others in regards to activity, statistics, last login times, and etc. This should help in cleaning out inactive members.

Communication Tab
One of the most requested improvement is in the form of a chat feature to allow members to communicate with each other in-game. DICE has taken note of it, but has not confirmed its inclusion.

Platoon Markers
Battlefield 1 already features too many colored markers on the screen but players are interested in having one more to identify members of their platoons.

Platoon Tab in Highlights
DICE has confirmed that it is finalizing an additional tab at the end of rounds to feature statistics from a platoon. It will exist alongside the other Personal and Squad tabs.

Battlefield 1 Platoons feature is currently in beta and available only for testing. However, DICE has stated that it wants to release the feature for everyone as soon as possible. Battlefield 1 Platoons may be part of the upcoming Spring Update or arrive sooner.

Recently, DICE introduced a new rewards system to help players earn additional Scraps in Battlefield 1. The feature is live and players can earn up to 100 Scraps on a daily basis.