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EA Sent Goodies To Members Of EA Access Who Have Been Using The Service Since The Start

EA Access started off in July 2014 and the membership costs 3.99 Euros per month or 24.99 Euros per year, depending on which plan you subscribe to. Some users have been using the service since day one and they have been sent goodies from the company to thank them for the support.

Reddit user posted a picture stating that EA Access had sent him a 2 TB HDD along with 4 months of EA Access subscription.

Even though this is nothing for EA it is still a great gesture and one that will surely go a long way.

Only if Steam would reward me for the 700 hours that I have put into Dota2 somehow. Unfortunately I do not expect something like this to happen any time soon but I wish that I could be as lucky. Small things like these create brand loyalty and that goes a long way in the future.

This is something that only a few companies realize and I am pleased that EA is one of those companies. Surely without the support of users and fans all over the world the company would not be where it is today and it is just natural for the company to be giving back to the loyal customers that have been using EA Access since the very start.

The following is the picture that has been posted by the Reddit users. I am sure that this is not a single case and there must be other people that have been using EA Access since day one and I am pretty sure that they too got these goodies from EA. I strongly believe in such PR activities and am very impressed indeed.

EA Access

Let us know what you think about EA handing out these goodies to users of EA Access that have been subscribed to the service since day one.