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Destiny 2 Game Bigger Than The Original Destiny And All The DLC Combined?

Destiny 2 got a pretty cool cinematic trailer and I for one enjoyed it. You might think differently, it is a matter of opinion. One of the things that people are excited about is the fact that it will be coming out for PC.

The previous game was only available for consoles, it is great that the upcoming game will also be coming out on PC. We all know that shooting games feel much better when played with a mouse and keyboard so this is a step in the right direction already.

Although there is not much about the game that we know as of right now. There is not much that we can talk about concerning the cinematic trailer either but we are getting word from different sources regarding the size of Destiny 2 and word has it that it will be larger than the original game including all the DLC.

Destiny 2

That is huge but you need to keep in mind that this does not mean that the map will be bigger or the world will be bigger. It does give as an idea regarding how complex the upcoming game will be. According to GameStop’s website:

“Minimum 68 GB available hard drive storage space required as of September 2017. Storage requirements subject to increase. After September 2017, visit for current requirements prior to purchase.”

To give you an idea of why this is unusual, GTAV which is a big game has a size of 63.77 GB and the recently released Final Fantasy XV has a size of 56.12 GB. If you are using an SSD in order to run your most played games and you have a limited amount of storage then you might want to consider getting more storage.

It will be interesting to see what on earth takes so much space for Destiny 2 to be so huge.