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Bungie Reveals Destiny 2 Expansion Pass, Shows Special Editions

Now that Destiny 2 has finally been announced with a new trailer, Bungie has decided to start going whole-hog on talking about the game. This includes the Destiny 2 expansion pass, along with various special editions that will be coming out with the game. Though more expensive, these editions also include various goodies.

In the backstory of Destiny 2, to start with, the Last City, your home for the past three years, has been attacked and occupied by the Red Legion, a new Cabal army that has arrived in the Solar System in response to a Cabal call for help.

Now, it falls on the City’s Guardians to drive the Cabal out, and take the city back.

The Destiny 2 expansion pass will be similar to the season pass of the first game. Players that own the pass will gain access to the first and second expansions for free.

These expansions will come with new missions, armor, weapons, multiplayer, cooperative activities, and more. The expansion pass will be $34.99, so you might want to save up.

When it comes to the various editions, like all of these things they escalate in price depending on tier. First, there’s the game and its expansion pack, which costs $89.99. Then there’s the Digital Deluxe Edition, which costs 10 dollars more.

It includes the game, the expansion pass, and three pieces of digital content: a legendary sword, a legendary player emote, and a Cabal Empire emblem.

Along with that, there’s a Limited Edition. For the same price as the Digital Deluxe Edition, it also includes a limited-edition steelbook case, and a Cabal-themed collector’s box.

The box contains a booklet with information about the Cabal, a schematic, postcards, and military Pawns (no idea what those are).

Finally, there’s the Collector’s Edition, for 250 dollars. It includes everything before it, a frontier bag (which you can wear as a stylish backpack or carrying bag), and a frontier kit (including a solar panel USB charger with a built-in light, a paracord, and a solar blanket).

If you’re just interested in the Destiny 2 expansion pass, you can buy it with the bundle or just buy it separately after the game releases (hopefully) on September 8.