Earn Points and Claim Prizes During League of Legends Slumber Party

Riot Games has just announced that it is hosting a League of Legends Slumber Party for the weekend and every one is invited.

Those interested in participating can enroll themselves for a chance at winning fantastic prizes. The event will introduce a points-based system, based on which players will be entitled to the “biggest prizes” that the League of Legends Slumber Party has to offer.

There are various ways through which to earn points during the event. Every time a player wins a Normal Blind or Normal Draft game on Summoner’s Rift with either Alistar, Annie, Gnar, Kog’Maw, Maokai, or Udyr, will net 100 points. If the player wins as part of a pre-made group of any size, an addition 100 points will be earned.

Amassing at least 600 points during the weekend event will guarantee a free Hextech Chest and Key. However, if the EUW and EUNE realms collectively manage to accumulate at least 12,000,000 points, Riot Games will throw in a Party IP bonus weekend in the week to follow.

“Team up with your friends, host a mini-LAN Slumber Party, and tweet pictures to @loleu using the hashtag #SnoozeYouLose and we’ll add an additional 500 points to the total pool, bringing Europe one step closer to a Party IP weekend,” announced the developer.

As for the prizes, the top three players with the most points at the end will get all five Slumber Party skins for the aforementioned champions. In addition, they will also receive Tibbers Onesie, Tibbers Plush, Tibbers Mug, and Dino Gnar Plush from the official merchandise store.

Coming down, the top ten players with the most points will receive all five Slumber Party skins and Tibbers Onesie. Lastly, those who place in the top 100 will get to test their luck in receiving a random Slumber Party skin from the lot.

The League of Legends Slumber Party weekend event has only been announced for European regions. It begins on Friday, March 31 at 8:00 AM GMT and will conclude on Monday, April 3 at 8:00 AM GMT. For more information, head to the official webpage for the event.