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WolfKrone Gets Back at K-Brad at Street Fighter V Invitational, Tells Him He “Sucks”

The rivalry between Kenneth “K-Brad” Bradley and Joshua “WolfKrone” Philpot continues with the ongoing Street Fighter V Invitational.

The third day of preliminary matches for Group C pitted both players against each other, an obvious decision taken on purpose by ELEAGUE to fuel one of the most heated feuds in the fighting game community.

The last time both faced each other in a competitive environment was earlier this month when Final Round 20 happened. WolfKrone was decimated in that duel, leading K-Brad to mark his name in history with a ferocious pop-off. Street Fighter V Invitational meant that we would get to see which of two would remember to remind the other of who is better.

Here is what both the players had to say before beginning their Street Fighter V Invitational bout:

As it turned out, WolfKrone had actually prepared for his match. Compared to his previous encounter, WolfKrone took on a different approach with Laura that took K-Brad by surprise. Though, Cammy did fight back to give Laura sweaty palms, the series went to sudden death where WolfKrone managed to clinch victory.

As they stood up to pack up their controllers, WolfKrone went up to K-Brad to remind him that he “sucks.” While it wasn’t that big of a pop-off that the fighting game community would have hoped for, but it did reveal that WolfKrone has problems when playing inside of a crowd.

Final Round 20 was packed with spectators that surrounded the players as they played. Street Fighter V Invitational, however, is a ghost town, with only the participants and casters (besides staff members) inside the venue.

There is no telling as to who has the more wins on the other. For all we care, the score could be tied. This isn’t the last time that we’ll see them take on each other. They are likely to get another chance at redemption during the later stages of the Street Fighter V Invitational. You can go through the entire series below.