Quake Champions Beta Starts April 6th, You Can Sign Up For An Invite Now

If you have been waiting for Quake Champions then you are in luck, Quake Champions Beta is starting April 6th.

If you have been following the latest updates then you know that the game looks pretty cool plus the game has a good history as well. Keeping all that in mind I am sure that thisĀ is a game people are looking forward to.

It might not be the best time for the game to come out seeing how popular Overwatch is however, the game has won plenty of awards and the hearts of the fans as well.

One of the reasons why this is the case is the fact that Overwatch characters are diverse.

This has proven to be one of major selling points of the game not to mention the epic characters design and gameplay.

Quake Champions Beta

id Software has said that players will be able to play the game at 120 Hz which means quicker reaction times and faster gameplay. This is something that players want especially professional FPS players.

Considering all things Quake Champions will have to prove itself and if the game is not unique I doubt the title will get any success at all. There is a lot being expected from this title.

Quake Champions Beta

If you are interested in playing the Quake Champions Beta then you can check out the official site and sign up there.

You will need to confirm your email and you will get the invite before the beta goes live. I for one am looking forward to playing the beta as it gives users a good idea of what the final game will look like.

Let us know what you think about Quake Champions and whether or not you will be checking out Quake Champions Beta when it goes live.