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Prey Neuromod Gets the Spotlight in the New Trailer

Once again Bethesda bring us a journey to discover the features of the upcoming video game by Arkane Studios: Prey. A new trailer focused on the Prey Neuromod was released today, showing the power of this device.

The Neuromod device will be very helpful when playing Prey, as it will allow players to enhance the human abilities of the protagonist and get new Typhon abilities.

Never mind the improvements to the Neural Modifier (or “Neuromod” for short) – including “smaller insertion points” on the rapid release needles that you literally jab into your eye. The real innovation is what this device can actually do: alter your neural circuitry in very potent ways. This isn’t just about enhancing your human abilities – like boosting you strength, speed, hacking skills and more – but also acquiring unique abilities that have been learned from the hostile Typhon aliens aboard Talos I.

Do you like the Prey Neuromod?

Prey is not a common first person shooter. Its futuristic settings and its plot make it one of the most anticipated games of the year, and its unique gameplay won’t let you get bored.

The game, in fact, will give you the chance to customize your characters and abilities the way you want, and it will feature different endings depending on your choices.

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Prey is the reboot of the video game released in 2006 by Human Head Studios; it’s currently in development at Arkane Studios and will release on May 5th, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.