Nintendo Stocks have Increased 15%, Switch is Doing a Great Job

Nintendo stocks are on a roll with an increase of almost 15% since its launch.

The sales are still going strong but this may not seem like much because, Nintendo experienced a much bigger bounce of almost 112%, when they released Pokemon GO mobile app. The super Mario Run also gave 29% bounce after it was released for iOS.

Ever since its success with Wii in 2006, Nintendo continued to innovate with hardware such as, wireless motion and touch control. While Nintendo Wii was a huge success, Nintendo Wii U was not as successful and ended up becoming Nintendo’s worst selling home console.

Nintendo Wii U, had a weak lineup of original games and its inability to attract third party releases, which kept hardcore gamers away from it.

Moving back to Nintendo Switch, it has mostly received positive reviews but there are some complains about its battery life, mild performance, and storage capacity.

Switch can not be used as an all in one home entertainment system, unlike its predecessors Wii and Wii U which allowed people to watch movies on them as well.

Sony and Microsoft consoles also offer similar feature to watch online videos from Netflix and Hulu.

Apart from all this Nintendo Switch also had some aces up in its sleeves, most notably, the original games like Mario or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, that are only playable on Nintendo consoles. As contrast to PS4 and Xbox One players that have access to relatively identical titles.

Since its release the Nintendo Switch has been hard to get due to supply shortage, Nintendo has halted the development of other consoles in order to increase the production of Switch. Let us hope that Nintendo stocks continue to rise, and Switch comes to a greater or equal standing to Nintendo Wii.