King of Fighters XIV DLC Features 4 Characters, Launches Next Week

SNK has announced that the DLC for The King Of Fighters XIV, will be released on 5 April 2017, this update will be massive and will feature 4 characters, background music, and two stages “Transcontinental Railroad” and “City Circuit”.

The four featured characters include Ryuji yamazaki, a criminal that usually commits crimes just to entertain himself. Yamazaki has a high popularity among gamers, that is why, he is being added in the game through this DLC.

Whip, an extremely dangerous fighter whose skill in the whipping arts is second to none.

Vanessa, just a normal house wife who discreetly serves as a mercenary agent, and is a middle aged woman as contrast to The King Of Fighters XIV many teenage characters.

Rock Howard, the son of Geese Howard who was raised by Terry Bogard. His fighting style is described as a unique mix of both Terry, and Geese, which shows when he unleashes their iconic moves.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for new characters to be added to the game, the initial game had 50 characters divided into 13 teams, and two boss characters.

However, some of these favourite characters were requested to be added to the game by fans constantly.

Each character in The King of Fighters XIV, has a huge fan base, so skipping even one will leave many players disappointed. SNk did a good job in releasing this DLC and adding more characters.

I was waiting for Yamazaki to be added in The King of Fighters XIV, not because I like playing as a psychopath, it is just that his flickers are good, and have a surprisingly long range. I have defeated many players with these flickers, so I am glad to see him added in KOF 14.

This DLC is a paid downloadable content, and will be available on 5 April 2017 (Pacific Standard Time), if you are a fan of the series or you like one of these four featured characters, then you should buy this DLC as soon as it hits the stores.