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Intel Optane Support Added To Asus Motherboards Through BIOS Update

If you have an Asus 200 series motherboard then you can now update the BIOS in order to get support for Intel Optane SSDs. These are blazing fast SSDs with high read and write speeds but they cost a pretty penny too.

This update is for the following mentioned chipsets:

  • Z270
  • H270
  • Q270
  • B250

Intel Optane

Considering how the Intel Optane SSDs are very expensive and not everyone will be interested in buying one you might ask why should I update my BIOS? You should because not only does the update bring support for the Optane SSDs but the Optane cache and drivers also allow normal HDDs to respond better.

After you are done with the update you should feel your HDD being more responsive while doing everyday tasks like booting windows and what not.

Even though SSDs will always be faster than traditional HDDs this is better than having no performance gains at all.

Being someone who has experienced the performance gains of an SSD first hand, I recommend that you buy one even if it is a small capacity SSD. You can use it to boot windows and install your regularly played games on it.

Intel Optane

You will notice the decrease in boot time and loading time in games. I for one cannot imagine life without an SSD anymore.

According to Intel the traditional HDD should become twice as responsive and you should see a 65% difference in booting windows as well as launching games and loading screen times as well.

It is tempting to buy one of these Intel Optane SSDs and if you are an enthusiast and money is no obstacle then surely you can get one in order to minimize waiting time and get the best performance possible from your storage.

Let us know what you think about Intel Optane and whether or not this is something that you are interested in.