Earn Extra Battlefield 1 Scraps by Just Playing Daily

DICE is introducing a new rewards system to help players earn additional Battlefield 1 Scraps by simply playing regularly.

Scheduled to roll out later today, players will have the option of earning up to 100 Scraps on a daily basis. To do so, the developer has outlined three different objectives that must be cleared.

Firstly, players must play and finish one round of multiplayer to be rewarded with 50 Scraps. Another 25 Scraps can be obtained by being in the winning team at the end of a round. Finally, an additional 25 Scraps can be earned by showing up in the highlights at the end of a round.

As mentioned above, the daily Battlefield 1 Scraps initiative is capped at 100. Similar to the timer on Medals, players must wait out the clock before they can reset the daily objectives.

While DICE is yet to officially confirm so, the game’s new daily scrap reward is assumed to be a permanent feature. Battlefest, a community event designed to celebrate the popular military franchise, is scheduled to commence operations from today. Previously, it was thought that the Battlefield 1 Scraps program would be limited to the duration of the event. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

The feature is here to stay, and will likely promote team-work and objective-control in order to win and achieve the aforementioned daily goals.

This has been a busy week for the developer. Last night, the Community Test Environment (CTE) was updated to introduce Battlefield 1 Platoons. The feature allows players to create, join, and manage clans in the game. In addition to coordinating with fellow friendlies, players can represent their Battlefield 1 Platoons with unique tags and detailed emblems. The developer has also incorporated a ranking system within each platoon that recognizes members for their war efforts. It should go live for everyone soon.