EA Announces Battlefront 2 Gameplay Coming On April 15

We’ll be getting some Battlefront 2 gameplay for the first time on April 15, several weeks away, according to a recent EA Twitter post.

The gameplay will be the first inkling of gameplay we get from the sequel to EA’s 2015 version of Star Wars: Battlefront. It may be a way for EA to calm Star Wars fans.

EA’s first Star Wars Battlefront effort got a large amount of criticism from many Star Wars Battlefront fans for a number of reasons.

Only four planets to start with, no space battles, no playing as heroes, and no instant action game mode nearly ruined the game before it released.

While that version of Battlefront was still popular, and has been generally accepted to have gotten better with the addition of more maps, heroes, and planets through DLC.

However, it’s likely still left a bitter taste in some people’s mouths, so hopefully EA will have put more work into it and not decided to rush it out in time for Episode 8.

While that may be true, EA and DICE have had two years to work with the game and so have hopefully had enough time to make more than just four planets for the game to be played on, along with hopefully more time periods.

The date for the Battlefront 2 gameplay reveal is notable because it’s going to be taking place during the annual Celebration convention, the premiere Star Wars fan event where information about upcoming movies, games, and media for Star Wars to come out.

With all of that in mind, hopefully the Battlefront 2 gameplay will end up being good, and the game itself will end up fixing the problems that the first game had to begin with. However, with Star Wars: Episode 8 coming out at the end of this year, in December, EA is probably going to be watched closely so that they don’t rush the game out to tie-in to the movie.