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Clan Support Arrives With Battlefield 1 Platoons

Battlefield 1 Platoons were introduced last night to the Community Test Environment (CTE), and DICE is now asking for feedback for further improvements.

The feature allows players to create, join, and manage clans in the game. In addition to coordinating with fellow friendlies, players can represent their Battlefield 1 Platoons with unique tags and detailed emblems. The developer has also incorporated a ranking system within each platoon that recognizes members for their war efforts.

Creating and Managing Platoons
There is no level or skill requirement in place, and any player can create a platoon.

  • Name: Ranges from three to 24 characters, and is not exclusive.
  • Description: An optional text field of up to 256 characters defines the platoon’s objective.
  • Tag: Ranges from one to four alpha-numerical characters, and is also not exclusive.
  • Emblem: Unique representation that can be uploaded from personal galleries.

Finding and Joining Platoons
A “Find Platoon” tab shows a list of recommended platoons to join, based on what platoons your friends are representing. A single platoon can only hold up to 100 members while a single player can only join up to 10 platoons.

There are three ways through which a player can join platoons.

  • Open: These are open to the public and can be joined instantly.
  • Apply-to-Join: These depend on whether Platoons accept or reject an application of joining.
  • Closed: These are not hidden from the public, but cannot be joined by anyone.

Ranks of Platoons
There are four different ranks to pursue while in a platoon, with higher ranked members having the option of promoting, demoting, or kicking:

  • General: The highest rank available and bestowed to creators of platoons. There can only be one General at any time who has access to everything.
  • Colonel: The second-highest rank available and has access to most management tools, can step in for the General when he’s offline.
  • Lieutenant: The lowest level rank available that can accept or reject applications.
  • Private: The initial rank every new member starts with and has no benefits.

Representing Platoons
Players in multiple platoons can only represent one at any given time, or choose to not represent any at all. When they do decide to go with the former, the platoon’s tag will automatically be displayed in front of their name and the platoon’s emblem will override their personal emblem.

In addition, filling a squad with members of the same platoon will rename the squad to the platoon’s name. Furthermore, a platoon that contributed the most to capturing a flag, a pennant carrying the platoon’s emblem will be shown on the flag pole.

Battlefield 1 Platoons feature is currently in beta and available only for testing. However, DICE has stated that it wants to release the feature for everyone as soon as possible. Battlefield 1 Platoons may be part of the upcoming Spring Update or arrive sooner.