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Take Note, Battlefield 1 Netcode Improvements Arrive on CTE

As previously promised, the Community Test Environment (CTE) was updated last night to feature a number of improvements to the Battlefield 1 netcode.

The server response has been adjusted to take into account a kill only if the bullet was fired before dying. This will prevent situations where players are hit after they killed an enemy soldier. In addition, pings will be updated without any delay and the hit registration has been improved to be in sync with the shooter’s position. There are also tweaks to the server-side icons displayed on the screen.

Netcode Changes

  • Move server side hit detection high ping indicator into upper right corner instead of beneath crosshair.
  • Fix threshold for red fps icon to be below half the tick rate as up until then we execute 2 sim steps per frame which will see the game still work fine.
  • Average FPS and not display icons when you got a stall.
  • Improve kill trades to accept it only if a shooter got his bullet off in time before he died. This will also prevent hits from a visually dead soldier.
  • Bring hit back in sync with shooters position. Many complaints from community that you receive the hit and don’t see the shooter yet.
  • Ensure we update the ping right from the get go and do not wait 5s.
  • Fix bullet update spawning the blood effect on the previous position while preserving hit detection accuracy (do not skip when spawned this frame but process in postframe instead of preframe which misses the effect).
  • Prioritize playerview and own soldier if just died higher to make sure it gets updated over other soldiers. It seems sometimes the playerview misses the packet and presents delayed info.
  • Fixed issue where input could stop working after vaulting in rare cases.
  • Changed FPS icon to turn red to half the tickrate (for 60hz when fps drops below 30)

DICE is also taking another whack at grenades, adding a slight delay between each toss. The blast radius has been reduced for some grenades, while the fuse timings have been increase for others. Most importantly, grenades have been fixed to prevent them from colliding with team members. This will make it easier to toss them without accidentally clipping an ally and watching the grenade bounce back into you.

Grenade Changes

  • Added a 0.3 s throw delay to all grenades
  • Reduced the outer blast radius of the following grenades:
    • Frag/Stick: 6.3 from 7.0
    • Impact/Min/Light ATi: 5.6 from 6.0
  • Increased fuze timings on the following grenades:
    • Mini/Frag/Stick: 1.4 s minimum delay from 1.3 s, 0.85 s fuze from 0.7 s
    • Impact: 1.2 s minimum delay from 1.0 s
    • Incendiary: 1.4 s minimum delay from 1.3 s
    • Rifle Frag: 0.8 s fuze from 0.7 s
  • Fixed Hellriegel Muzzle VFX.
  • Fixed scope DoF overlay issue on the Martini Henry Sniper.
  • Fixed incorrect gunsway modifiers for Huot Automatic Optical.
  • Do not let grenades collide with teammates within 10m.

The Battlefield 1 netcode improvements as well as other announced changes should go live with the upcoming Spring Update. Based on previous statements, DICE is likely to follow up with further improvements and adjustments to the Battlefield 1 netcode.