Destiny 2 Needs These Things To Be a Successful Sequel

Here are 15 thing Destiny 2 needs to be a successful sequel, unlike its predecessor that was under heavy criticism for having many issues, that were slowly fixed by patches and updates.

1: Transfer Data
It is obvious that when you put your time into a game your efforts should be rewarded, all the weapons and armours you collected should be transferable. Playing as a veteran has its charm right.

2: Less RNG Grinding
Destiny is a game where earning loot is the only means of progression, but loot loses its value when the max level is reached, Destiny 2 should take a better approach in adjusting these feature to give players a valuable experience.

3: Stronger Story
Destiny’s story has never caught player’s attention as it was not much worth remembering, but then after later expansion Taken King the story started garnering interest. So Destiny 2 should focus more on its story.

4: More Raids
Destiny 2 should give players some incentive by adding more raids and raising its level of difficulty to increase its replay value.

5: Less Content Droughts
The first Destiny regularly suffered from lack of content as do all MMOs. So Bungie should prepare content for it before hand as the competition has risen immensely in the last few year, and if they are not prepared for it then Destiny 2 will be left behind.

6: Create and Share Features
Halo 3 forge mode allowed players to create and share their own maps, Destiny 2 should also feature a similar feature which will allow players to make their own content. This will also help Bungie in tackling content drought as well.

7: More Classes
Destiny featured classes that were unique from the traditional MMOs, so seeing as this is a sequel to first Destiny not an expansion, they should include some new classes. To keep things fresh.

8: Accessible in Game Maps
Although Destiny featured an in game map, but as soon as we landed into battle this maps was rendered useless. We stared at an empty pointer with no visible features. Destiny 2 should do a better job in guiding players to their targets.

9: Dedicated Servers
Destiny suffered every month from PvP lags and for a MMO that is unacceptable, So Destiny 2 should have a better server support to reduce those lags.

10: In Game Grimoire
Most of Destiny’s story telling is through grimoire but the problem was these grimoires had to be read while out of the game. These grimoires were a unique way of grasping the lore of Destiny, however, Destiny 2 should feature grimoire to be readable ingame for better impact and immersion.

11: Gifting Gear
Because sharing is caring, Destiny 2 should feature a gifting system that will allow players to generously gift other players with useful items and gear.

12: Throughout Customization
Instead of letting us customise our character in the beginning, Destiny 2 should feature throughout customization allowing players to customise their character when ever they want.

13: Expand on the Open World
Destiny 2 should expand their open world since MMO nowadays have massive open world areas. So Destiny 2 should add more planets in its solar system.

14: Matchmaking
In Destiny the PvP matchmaker was put to good use allowing players to team up with their friends and total strangers, but on PvE those opportunities were limited. Destiny 2 should make a better use of this match maker system in PvE to expand on those possibilities.

15: Make Pc Possible
Well Destiny 2 should be made available on PC, since PC audience is also massive in scope and Pc supports better content making, which will bring many new possibilities.