The Director of Nier Automata Comments On Its Happy Ending and Multiple Endings

The director of Nier Automata Yoko Taro, shared his reasons for putting different endings in the game. He wanted these endings to be experienced by only the players that have invested their time in it.

Neir Automata features multiple endings, most of which lead into strange, silly, happy, sad, and other categories of feelings.

Yoko Taro, was asked about his inspiration for adding the happy ending by Siliconera, he answered that it was not something he intended, it was just how the story ran its course.

I believe that E was essentially the happy ending. This is the first time I’ve taken on this kind of challenge. I actually didn’t come up with the happy ending initially when creating and developing this game. I kind of left that off to the side for a very long time and continued to work on some of the other aspects of the game. As I developed all of the characters’ journeys, I started thinking about what would be the most fitting ending for all of those characters, and that resulted in the E ending.

It’s not something that I desired, but I believe, in the world of writing, the characters move toward that ending themselves, and they directed me to write toward that end. In the end, it’s probably what the characters had hoped for – what they would have desired.

That happens quite a lot, with the characters figuring out for themselves what comes next in terms of their own stories.

Yoko Taro, stated that experiencing video games has changed in the recent years, some people are experiencing them through YouTube, and streaming, but he wanted players to invest their time into Neir Automata, for this reason he included different endings, and the save deleting feature in the game.

Nier Automata is available on PC and PlayStation 4. It is definitely one of Yoko Taro’s masterpieces, its gameplay and value were a perfect 10 out of 10, and the story and graphics were also quite amazing which score 9 out of 10.

In our opinion “Nier Automata exceptionally delivers on every cylinder and leaves a lasting impression”. You can see our full review of Neir Automata.