First Party Titles For Xbox Scorpio are Critical for Its Success

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox explained, that their new console Xbox Scorpio, will have a line-up of first party titles ready for the launch.

Although they did not provide details, as to whether the featured titles will be exclusive to Scorpio or will it use the titles already available, such as Halo 5 and Gears of War 4.

Xbox One during its launch in 2013, faced some similar issues, it landed in the market lacking first party titles, and was more expensive than PS4, it had some decent second party titles, but they proved insufficient and did not help the sales much.

It was obvious, no one wanted to pay 500$ for a console with third party game support.

However, Xbox has learned from its previous mistakes, as they now focus on attaching good software support with their new hardware Xbox Scorpio.

Sony did something similar as well, with the launch of PS4 Pro, they updated The Last of Us, and Infamous Second Son, and took advantage of their potential to boost their console’s sale. They also have yet to actually make a PS4 Pro exclusive.

Moving back to Xbox Scorpio, gamers were disappointed to hear, that Scalebound will not be showcased to test Scorpio’s full power, but hopefully Microsoft has something much better to compensate for that.

Microsoft, should focus on new first party titles, that have not been released yet, such as Forza Motorsport 7 or crackdown 3, these could end up being the launch titles for Xbox Scorpio.

If Microsoft wants gamers to pay for this high-end console then they have to showcase games that are preferably exclusive, and that won’t be available anywhere else, otherwise they would be forcing gamers to think, why spend so much on just refreshed titles?

First party titles, have been biggest menace for Microsoft in the previous years, so let us see, if they can correct this problem by proper support, and planning during Xbox Scorpio release in fall of 2017.