Even if It’s World War 2, It’s Probably too Late for Call of Duty

We now know that Call of Duty will be going back to its roots and that the upcoming game will be around the events of World War 2.

The space theme did not work with the fans and to be honest it was not something that I was interested in either. It was a little too much but is going back going to help the Call of Duty franchise?

Battlefield 1 has got huge success by going back to World War events and some will even say that Call of Duty is following in its footsteps as well.

That could be the case but that does not mean that success is guaranteed. Even though the Call of Duty franchise has had a huge fan base in the past, we can see that has declined due to the fact that there has been little that the series has offered players.

There have been minor changes here and there but looking at the franchise overall there has been little to no change at all. This is something that fans do not appreciate and it is safe to say that the franchise has been milked for far too long.

The name alone will not be enough to help Call of Duty anymore and we need to see some drastic changes.

Battlefield 1 on the other hand chose the right time to go back and the graphics of the game as well as the gameplay is almost perfect.

We saw the behind the scenes and everything from the sound effects to the voice acting was made from the ground up, no wonder the game felt real enough to pass as a World War game.

It is tough to following the footsteps of Battlefield 1 looking at what the game has managed to achieve and how successful it has been ever since it was first announced.

Sledgehammer games has a lot of work to do if it wants to beat the game that came out well before the Call of Duty World War 2 game.

Let us know what you think about Call of Duty World War 2 and whether or not you are interesting in buying the game when it comes out.