PlayStation 4 Is the Leader in Media Coverage, Even Nintendo Switch Hype Falls Short

What’s the most talked console on the internet? We know the answer: PlayStation 4.

This information comes from an analysis made by ICO Partners, and was discussed by the company’s Thomas Bidaux:

As we mentioned many times before, the PlayStation 4 is the clear leader when it coming to console media coverage, and this is a constant. Even when looking at the weekly coverage volumes, since January 2015, only once did the Xbox One secure more coverage than the PlayStation 4. It was the week of the gamescom 2015, where Microsoft held a press conference and Sony did not.

However, while Microsoft is working on Project Scorpio, Sony might be preparing a very interesting next move.

Some rumors suggest that the company is working on an even slimmer version of PlayStation 4; since we already have a PlayStation 4 Slim, it could be that Sony is about to launch a PS4 Pro Slim.

But again, not many people are getting into 4K right now, so we don’t know how making a slimmer PS4 Pro would be beneficial for the company.

Anyhow, if rumors are legit, Sony will probably share information on the PS4 Pro Slim at E3 this year.

As far as the sales are concerned, PlayStation 4 is still going strong both in the US and in Japan.

According to a recent report from Media Create, overall PlayStation 4 overall sales in Japan has passed over 4.5 million units, with a total of 4,518,038 units as of Sunday, March 12th.

Will Sony succeed in leading the console market even after the release of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro are now available worldwide.