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For Honor Peacekeeper Class Banned From Tournaments

Following community outcry, tournament organizers have decided to take a stance against the overwhelming presence of the For Honor Peacekeeper class.

Ever since the game’s release last month, the class in question has been deemed beyond broken. The spam of light attacks makes it incredibly difficult to defend against. In addition the For Honor Peacekeeper class carries a rather gentle learning curve. Combining the ease of mastery and flurry of high-damage attacks, the class has become a mandatory pick for players.

In fact, a point has been reached where people are sick and tired of coming across Peacekeepers in every online skirmish, and even more so for every tournament to be brimming with Peacekeepers.

Character balance is a vital aspect of fighting games. Despite continued requests, Ubisoft is yet to be convinced that the For Honor Peacekeeper class needs to be adjusted. Hence, tournament organizers have decided to take the initiative themselves.

Major League Gaming (MLG) has been hosting regular online tournaments for the game, and which have mostly been full of Peacekeepers. A newcomer would think the game perhaps had only that one class to begin with.

“For Honor is a fighting game built on mind games and conditioning your opponent,” wrote one user on MLG forums. “However, when PK is used, these tactics are not needed as simply spamming light attacks can usually guarantee hits, even against experienced players. For this reason PK can be easily used by new players.”

The organizer announced yesterday that it would ban the class from at least one upcoming tournament as an experiment. The ban may continue for future events if the community votes in agreement.

The decision called for celebration by the For Honor community, which is hoping that the stance by tournament organizers will force Ubisoft to balance the class.

There is also the belief that banning Peacekeeper will help grow the competitive scene. Currently, it is only about picking the single class. With her banned out, players must turn to the other classes, form new strategies and meta, and ultimately enjoy a more diverse tournament setting.