Everything We Know About Destiny 2 So Far

The biggest announcement for the year 2017 took place earlier when Bungie officially confirmed Destiny 2. Once again, Bungie is coming our way with a sci-fi shooter aims to challenge the likes of Titanfall and others.

There is not much we know about the game for now but whatever we do know you will find it in the following article. We have compiled everything we know about the game, we have also included some rumors, and speculations going on right now.

Everything We Know About Destiny 2

Cayde-6 In Destiny 

Destiny’s marketing campaign kicked off with a teaser trailer called the “Last Call.” Everyone’s favorite Cayde-6 is in Destiny 2, confirming the rumors flying around before the official announcement of the game. Cayde-6 was seen hanging out in a bar telling his story.

The Gorgeous Poster

Here is the amazing new poster for Destiny 2.

PC Version All But Confirmed

PC version is happening, according to a number of sources including Kotaku’s Jason Shrier. He confirmed that Bungie is bringing Destiny 2 to PC. In addition to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, Bungie decided in favor of a PC version as well. However, we still need to have an official announcement.

PlayStation Exclusive Content

The original Destiny had a partnership with Sony which gave us exclusive missions and content for PlayStation  4 and PlayStation 4. The same deal extends to Destiny 2 as well. According to early information, PlayStation will once again have exclusive content.

Destiny 2 Set for September

While there is yet to be an official announcement regarding the release date, every rumor and leak point to the month of September. The console version is set to release on September 7 while PC users will have to wait until September 18.

Progress Can Be Carryed Over

While you won’t be able to transfer everything from Destiny to Destiny 2, players who have completed the Black Garden Story missions and are Level 20 or above can transfer their class, race, gender, face, hair, and markings.

Nathan Filion is Playing Cayde-6

Nathan Filion, known for his role in Uncharted games as Nathan Drake, is playing Cayde-6 in Destiny.

That’s everything we know about Destiny 2. We will have more for you in the coming days.