Dauntless is Inspired by Dark Souls, Monster Hunter and Other Genres

Dauntless is an upcoming action game where players will join forces to hunt down monsters. Many are calling it PC’s Monster Hunter which is taken as a fantastic compliment by the developers.

Speaking with SegmentNext, developer Phonix Labs confirmed that their game is indeed inspired by the likes of Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, and other genres. However, they intend to do something unique in the action space.

Chris Fox, Senior Designer at Phoenix Labs said:

I think that’s a fantastic compliment, and something we’re excited to live up to. We’re all huge fans of games like Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, but we’ve drawn inspiration other games and genres too. That said, with Dauntless we’re creating something entirely new and we’re extremely excited to show the world our take on the action-RPG space.

Living up to games like Monster Hunter and Dark Souls will not be easy but if they manage to get it right, we may be looking at the next big thing in the gaming space.

Dauntless is all about players coming together and accomplishing great feats of strength, and showing off those hard-earned accomplishments to others. There’ll be hundreds of hours of slaying, crafting, questing, and exploring to support that

Dauntless is releasing sometime this year on PC. Developers aren’t ruling out a console version of the game. However, they first wish to focus on PC for the time being.