Dauntless Developer Discusses Monetization and Why There is No Console Version

Dauntless is being called PC’s Monster Hunter, we are yet to see if the game is that good but it is safe to say that Dauntless has the community intrigued.

It is a free to play game where a party of players will hunt down monsters, complete side missions, and unlock new items along the game. In any free to play game, there is always some concerns for key elements being locked behind a pay wall.

While that is necessary for the monetization of the game, developers have confirmed that they do not believe in aggressive monetization approach.

Speaking with SegmentNext, Chris Fox, Senior Designer at Phoenix Labs said:

First and foremost, we are firmly against selling power and putting up paywalls. If you see someone wearing cool gear and weapons, it’s because they earned it. Where we think it makes sense is to offer additional cosmetic and personalization options such as armor dyes, emotes, and flares – additional ways to express yourself in game

Dauntless is exclusive to PC and we did discuss why that is the case. According to Fox:

Phoenix Labs is roughly 40 people, and focus is important for a smaller studio. In choosing a platform for Dauntless, it was important that we could bring this style of cooperative hunting action to as many players as possible. We feel that going free to play on the PC is the perfect fit.

That said, Dauntless features controller support today, and it totally makes sense to bring it to consoles at some point in the future. Right now we are focused on PC because we want to make Dauntless the best game it can be before we begin porting it to another platform.

Dauntless will release later this year for Windows PC.