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Twitch Announces New Calendar Feature for Events and Reminders

Earlier today, Twitch introduced a new calendar feature that is meant to remind viewers of upcoming special streaming sessions such as charity events.

“Now, in less time than it takes to wait out your respawn timer, you can easily create events on Twitch and share them with all of your viewers,” reads the announcement.

The process is relatively simple and works similar to other calendar applications. Users begin by heading to their Twitch Dashboards to create events. These can then be shared with their audience, who have the option of signing up for automatic reminders. They will receive an email from Twitch an hour before the stream goes live.

The events can also be added to other applications like Google Calendar or Outlook. In addition, streamers have the option to share their events through both the Channel Feed and Pulse, as well as other social channels. Upcoming streaming events can be browsed through an “Events” tab located on each channel page.

The announce of the calendar feature arrives just weeks after Twitch acquired Curse’s communication tool. The Curse App has been re-branded into the Twitch Desktop App, and a public beta went online just over a week ago. According to the company, it intends to introduce community servers, voice and video messaging, and game content distribution services through its new acquisition.

The leading streaming platform recently hired Michael Aragon, former general manager of PlayStation Network, to oversee global broadcasting partnerships, esports, content development and marketing for the company. Its aggressive hiring spree has also seen the joining of Matt McCloskey, former chief operating officer of 343 Industries, to act as vice president of commerce at Twitch. The position was created solely for his hiring.