Sony Has Long-term Plans For PlayStation Vita, New Game In The Works

The PlayStation Vita originally launched in 2012 in the west. Since then the device has not been doing so well and Sony even stopped providing it with first party support. Only a few games come out for the PlayStation Vita now.

New reports claim that Sony has long term plans for the PlayStation Vita but those plans only concern Japan and not the rest of the world. Atsushi Morita, Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia talked about this issue and he also said that the company will now be catering to the younger audience instead of adults.

Younger gamers are more attracted towards handheld devices like the PlayStation Vita as well as the Nintendo 3DS. This is a trend that is not all that common in adults if you do not take the Nintendo Switch into consideration as it is a hybrid device instead of a full on handheld.

PlayStation Vita

Morita also talked about an upcoming game that will be released for the PlayStation Vita which is being made with the younger audience in mind. According to Morita:

“As for the Vita, since Minecraft came out in October 2014, we’ve been able to actively bring on board kids—that is, younger gamers,”

It will be interesting to see what Sony has planned for the handheld device and which game this will be. We might be able to hear about this upcoming game at E3 but I would not bet on it. The PS Vita has not caught on as much as Sony hoped and it will be interesting to see what Sony is going to do with the device in the future.

With the introduction of the Nintendo Switch, I see little reason why someone would want to buy a PlayStation Vita over the Nintendo Switch which is a 2-in-1 device and is fairly new as well.

Let us know what you think about the PlayStation Vita and whether or not it can still make a comeback.