Rainbow Six Siege Gets Server Stability Improvements on PC

Yesterday, Ubisoft released a new update for Rainbow Six Siege that promises better server stability and performance improvements for the PC community.

The update was seamless, relinquishing the need of any maintenance period during which the servers would have gone offline. According to community manager Craig “ItsEpi” Robinson, the better performance and stability takes into account the growth of the active player-base. As such, playing online should result in better connectivity and lesser disconnections.

The update, however, comes with a warning. Ubisoft will be closely monitoring the game for any problems birthed through the stability upgrade. In the case something goes wrong, the developer will revert the servers back to an earlier state. This means that players will lose any progress made during that time. In return, Ubisoft has promised to grant a one-day experience booster to everyone for any inconvenience.

We have identified a potential worst case scenario that we want to communicate to you. Reverting this fix will cause players to lose any progress/Renown gains between the servers coming back online and the reset. This window will not exceed two hours. While the likelihood of this is extremely minimal, we wanted to warn you in advance.

For now, Ubisoft is sticking with PC. However, the stability and performance improvements could also arrive for Rainbow Six Siege on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. While there has been no official word on the matters, the developer is likely to follow suit for consoles once the PC platform passes through testing.

Over a week ago, Ubisoft announced a free Blue Nebula Universal weapon skin for all players who owned signature weapon skins from season three and four. The reward was a token of apology due to a “miscommunication” that affected weapon skins bought by the Rainbow Six Siege community last year.