Prey Weapon and Power Combos Shown in A New Video, Bioshock in Space?

Bethesda has just shared on YouTube a new trailer called “Prey Weapon and Power Combos”. Said video focuses on weapons and powers that will be available in the game, and how they will change your fate.

Mixing up different upgrades will make the game harder, and every user will have a different experience when playing the game.

You might mankind’s last hope aboard Talos I, but you’ve got a mighty arsenal to face down the Typhon threat. Armed with your wits, weapons and a host of incredible powers, it’s up to you to stop the alien invasion and save all of humanity. Piece of cake. With 24 human upgrades and 20 unique alien powers to choose from (plus all of their upgrades), no two Morgans will be the same, and no two players will have the same experiences in Prey.

Check out the Prey Weapon and Power Combos trailer below.

Prey is surely an interesting game, and according to Ricardo Bare, there’s more than a single way it can end.

During a recent interview, Bare revealed that the game will have multiple endings and it will all depend on the players’ choice regarding the space station and the characters that are still alive.

However, there only will be two main endings, the rest will be variations of them. Furthermore, there won’t be any boss fights in Prey.

Developers have stated that is because of how the AI works: the normal enemies feel like mini bosses.

For what concerns time,  it will take up to 16-22 hours to complete the full game.

Prey is a shooter sci-fi video game developed by Arkane Studios that will launch on May 5th, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.