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Gran Turismo Sport 1080p Gameplay Video Released, Feel The Speed of The Ford Mustang GT

YouTube user Shirrako has released a new Gran Turismo Sport 1080p gameplay video focused on the fantastic Ford Mustang GT.

In this video you can see the car running on the famous British circuit “Brands Hatch”, with two main points of view: External and Cockpit Camera.

Gran Turismo Sport still doesn’t have a release date, but there are plenty of videos and pictures taken from the Closed Beta that will give you a more specific glimpse of how the game feels.

Said Gran Turismo Sport 1080p gameplay video is available below.

Polyphony Digital hasn’t said anything yet about the launch date of the game since its delay list year. However, a Finnish retailer might have leaked it.

According to the listing on Puolenkuun Pelit, the next chapter of Gran Turismo series will launch on April 20, 2017.

Of course such date can only be a placeholder for two main reason: the game is entitled “Gran Turismo 7” instead of Gran Turismo Sport, and, moreover, April is getting closer and there’s no official announcement from Polyphony.

Speaking of features, Polyphony Digital previously announced that Gran Turismo Sport will support PS VR; fans were excited, but the company has then added that the game won’t be fully playable in VR.

It was Polyphony Digital President Kazanori Yamauchi the one who has confirmed it, as he said that that the game will not be fully playable in VR and will have VR Tour game mode instead. It means that players won’t probably be able to race with the headset on.

Would you have liked full VR support?

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Gran Turismo Sport is an upcoming racing video game being developed by Polyphony Digi. exclusively for PlayStation 4.