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Failed Xbox One Reveal Inspired Fan-Centric Culture at Microsoft

Microsoft revealed the new Xbox One back at 2013 and it is safe to say it was a disaster. The console was the victim of Microsoft’s obsession with being at the center of your living room.

There are so many things that went wrong for Microsoft. The focus on Tv, lack of games shown, and policies that caused a backlash from the community. However, thankfully Microsoft had a change of leadership when Phil Spencer came in to save the day.

Now Microsoft and its Xbox One is in a much better shape but still, it remained at No.2 due to the way it presented the Xbox One back in 2013.

This not only shows that first impressions are crucial but also shows that you can not stray away from your core audience, gamers.

Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi stated:

My learning is that you cannot create fans, you have to earn them…our team has embarked on the journey to build a fan-centric culture at Microsoft…you really focus on doing the right thing for your customers…Doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing and that will be the truest test of your values…We’ve experienced these challenges ourselves with…Xbox One…we didn’t deliver what our fans wanted.

We heard their feedback…we changed Xbox One to work the same way as Xbox 360 for how our customers could play…This experience was such a powerful reminder that we must always do the right thing for our customers

Microsoft is on the verge of releasing another console, Project Scorpio. One can only hope Microsoft will remain focused on games rather than worrying about putting Xbox at the helm of your entertainment center.

Source: Microsoft